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One CAD-CAM & CNC Software for GRBL

$99.99 USD

This is a professional CAD-CAM and CNC software integrated into a single package that is easy to setup and use. This nicely integrated solution will provide you with all the tools that you need to make your creative design and control your cnc machine. The CAD (Computer Aided Design) allows you to create simple or complex geometry using the mouse of by entering coordinates. You can also use a picture and transform it to a format that can be loaded and modified. The tutorial videos which shows you how to perform basic and advanced tasks can easily be found under the help menu. The CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) is fusion within the CAD. Using the mouse you easily defined the direction and sequence of machining. The CNC (Computer numerical Control) has everything you need to control your CNC and directly execute what was created with the CAD-CAM. The CNC machining is done by clicking one button. You easily switch from CAD-CAM view to CNC view with one mouse click. The CAD-CAM has a guide that shows you what to do next with clear and easy to understand instructions. The CNC provides a graphical and text description on every task that you perform. There is an extented list of pre-defined configuration files. You can select your CNC from that list to automatically configure or enter the configuration parameters manually. It includes an automatic installer for the latest GRBL 1.1f Arduino firmware and a guided setup for the CH340 driver.This combination of design and machine control makes it very easy to start using cnc mill, cnc laser, or cnc xy-plotter machine and make awesome things.

1) RoutCad CAD-CAM for GRB
2) RoutBot CNC for GRBL
3) GRBL 1.1F Automatic Installer
4) CH340 Guided Setup
Compatible with:
a) CNC Mill
b) CNC Laser
c) CNC XY Plotter
d) Arduino Nano, Uno
e) A4988 Shield
f) etc.
Safe Software:
Verified Publisher Signed Software
Included in Norton White List

System Requirements: Windows (Win 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10, or Pro with administrator account), 512 Mb of RAM or higher, 512 Mb of Hard Disk space or higher. Windows Media Player 8.0 or higher.

CAD-CAM Software for Mach 3, Linux CNC

RoutBot® 4 Axis CNC Mill, Lathe, and Automation Controller Software (Only $99.99)

CAD Design CAD-CAM Mill CAD-CAM Lathe
Main CAD Picture Main CAD-CAM Mill Picture Main CAD-CAM Lathe Picture
$49.99 USD $129.99 USD $129.99 USD

CAD ($49.99 USD)

  • •Create Mechanical Drawings
  • •Electrical Wiring Diagrams
  • •Use the Parts Library
  • •Make Sketch and Floorplan
RoutCad Pro-Designer V 1.12 Full CAD Release is an easy to use Computer Aided Design software. You can use it to create mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, floorplan, schematic. The software has pre-defined library of objects that you can add to your drawing or modify to suit your need.
‡ = CD required. ¤ = CAD wizard.

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RoutCad® Pro-Designer CAD
(Full PC License)
Only $49.99 USD


RoutCad® Pro-Designer CAD
(1 Year usage)
Only $34.99 USD


RoutCad® Pro-Designer CAD
(6 Months usage)
Only $24.99 USD

  • Design Fast
  • Full CAD-CAM†
  • Export G-Code†
  • Import .DXF
  • Export .DXF
  • Automatic Offset
  • Tutorial Videos‡
  • YouTube Videos
  • User Manual
  • Basic Geometry
  • Complex Geometry
  • Advanced Editing
  • Zooming
  • Snapping
  • Grid Display
  • Erase Option
  • Snap Options
  • Imperial Unit
  • SI Unit
  • Undo, Redo
  • Protrusion
  • Language Select
  • Machine Menu†
  • Material Selection†
  • Work Area Selection
  • Thread Selection†
  • File Open
  • File Save
  • Print Option
  • Library of Parts
  • Options Panel
  • Automatic Pocketº
  • Configuration Panel
  • Roughing Cycle†
  • Finishing Cycle†
  • Quick Set G-Code†
  • Configurable Post†
  • Engineer Symbols
  • Electrical Symbols
  • Electronic Symbols
  • Mechanical Symbols
  • Drafting Symbols
  • FloorPlan Symbols
  • Drawing Templates
  • bmp. to dxf. utility‡
  • Automatic Fillet¤ º
  • Text Wizard¤ º
  • Leader Wizard¤ º
  • Ellipse Wizard¤ º
  • Square Wizard¤ º
  • Rectangle Wizard¤ º
  • Area Calculation¤ º
  • C.G. Calculation¤ º
  • Automatic Tabº
  • G-Code for Mach 3†,
  • Mach 4†, Fanuc†,
  • Heas†, USB CNC†,
  • RoutBotCNC†,
  • Etc.
CAD-CAM ($129.99 USD)

  • •Quickly Design Your 3D Part
  • •Export G-Code for CNC Milling
  • •Design Your Part of Revolution
  • •Export G-Code for CNC Lathe
RoutCad de Luxe V 1.12 Full CAD-CAM Release is a Computer Aided Design software and a Computer Aided Manufacturing software all bundle in a single easy to use package. You can use it to create contours, shapes, and 3D objects. Once the object is designed, you easily define the toolpath and export to g-code. † = CAD-CAM.
‡ = CD required. º = de Luxe required.

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RoutCad® 2.5D CAD-CAM
for CNC Milling (Full PC License)
Only $129.99 USD


RoutCad® de Luxe CAD-CAM
for CNC Mill (Full PC License)
Only $189.99 USD


RoutCad® de Luxe CAD-CAM
for CNC Mill with G-Code
to CAD (Full PC License)
Only $499.99 USD


RoutCad® de Luxe CAD-CAM
CNC Milling (1 Year usage)
Only $84.99 USD

RoutCad® de Luxe CAD-CAM
CNC Milling (6 Months usage)
Only $64.99 USD